Anna Riedl

Global Shaper, Vienna Hub

Anna Riedl is a cognitive scientist and applied epistemologist. She conducts research on judgment and decision-making under unmeasurable uncertainty (= "rationality", "intelligence") at the intersection of psychology, economic theory, and artificial intelligence.

In 2015 she founded a non-profit focused on “effective altruism”: Approaching impact with evidence, quantitive analysis, and strategy.

As a member of the Global Shapers Community she was the Curator of the Vienna Hub in 2017, Impact officer in 2020, and repeatedly got recognition as the most active contributor to the Hub.

Originally from Bavaria, Germany, she moved to Vienna in 2012. In Vienna, she co-organized QuantifiedSelf Austria and was the executive director of the Giordano Bruno Foundation. She was a researcher at the Viennese “Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support”.

Anna cares about clear thinking and epistemic responsibility, strategically managing the attention portfolio of humanity, and how to turn collective processes into non-zero-sum games.

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