Anne Scherer

Assistant Professor of Quantitative Marketing, University of Zurich

Anne Scherer is an Assistant Professor of Quantitative Marketing at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Her primary research interests are the psychological, behavioral and societal consequences of an increasing digitization, automation and dehumanization of consumer-company interactions. To address her research questions, Anne mainly relies on large-scale secondary data from customer databases as well as laboratory and online experiments. Her research has been published in the MIS Quarterly, the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science and the Journal of Business Research.

Prior to joining the University of Zurich, Anne has worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Chair of Technology Marketing at the ETH Zurich and as a doctoral researcher at the Technische Universität München, where she received her PhD with distinction.

Research focus: consumer behavior, psychology of technology; in particular: machine vs. social influence and algorithmic advice; perception vs. behavior in social media consumption; personalization vs. privacy and data as currency.

Methodological focus: laboratory and large-scale field experiments, quasi-experimental designs

Fun fact: Anne is an avid hiker and world explorer. After submitting her dissertation, she travelled around the world, spending half a year scuba diving in the Red Sea, climbing 5200 stairs to Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka, cooking with a local chef in Ho Chi Minh City, swimming with sharks and stingrays in French Polynesia, cycling around the Easter Island, and tubing down a river in the Amazon Basin in Bolivia.

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