Chang Dae-Whan

Chairman and Publisher, Maekyung Media Group

Dr. Dae-Whan Chang is Chairman of the Maekyung Media Group, which includes the Maeil Business Newspaper and Maeil Broadcasting Network (MBN), a leading business news media group in Korea. The company publishes paper with a circulation of one million copies and runs general programming channel of Maeil Broadcasting Network (MBN). It also has subsidiary companies of publishing printing, weekly and monthly magazines and Internet. Dr. Chang became to president and publisher of the group in 1988. Dr. Chang obtained a bachelor’s degree for Politics at University of Rochester in 1974. In 1976, he received his M.A. in International Affairs at George Washington University. He majored in International Business Management at New York University, and received a Ph.D. from NYU in 1987. He served as Acting Prime Minister of Korea(2002), Chairman of Korean Association of Newspaper(2005~2010), Chairman of the Board at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts(2008~2011), Member of the National Competitiveness Council(2008~2013), Chairman of the Hong Reung Forum(2012~2016) and Member of Global Commission on Internet Governance(2014~2016). Presently, he serves as Board Member of World Association of Newspapers(2004~2017) and Founder and Executive Chairman of World Knowledge Forum(1998~).