Charif Hamidi

Global Shaper, Abu Dhabi Hub

An investment banker and strategy consultant turned social entrepreneur, Charif Hamidi is the founder of Education 4.0 (Ed4.0), a research and development social enterprise in the field of education innovation. Ed4.0 is committed to achieve the fourth Sustainable Development Goal while aligning educational reforms to the fourth industrial revolution’s labor market demands through a holistic innovation framework that spans across three key areas: Pedagogy, Ergonomics, and Technology. Charif has advised private equity firms on education technology deals and governments in preparing for the fourth industrial revolution by developing change programs, socioeconomic reforms, investment strategies, future studies, and search-and-matching models. Charif has led several research projects to study the fourth industrial revolution's disruption of labor markets and investigate education and technology reforms to offset jobs lost to automation. Charif contributes to magazines, such as the Harvard Business Review. Charif has sat on the board of directors of tech companies and NGOs such as Togenit and People to People International. He is frequently invited to speak at international conferences as a subject matter expert and appears on news networks to comment on disruptive technologies, education policy, markets, mergers, and monetary policy. On a personal note, Charif is an outdoor junkie, an avid obstacle race fanatic, and a rock, rhythm & blues melomaniac. He also performs stand-up comedy around the world.