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Clare Lockhart

Chief Executive Officer, ISE

Clare Lockhart is Director and Co-Founder of the Institute for State Effectiveness (ISE), which works to support the emergence of essential governance functions in ways that are transparent and accountable. She is also Director of the Market Building Initiative at the Aspen Institute, which works to build market opportunities for emerging and frontier economies and create jobs, especially for youth. Lockhart is the Co-Author of “Fixing Failed States” and numerous articles on development, economics, law and citizenship. She engages frequently with the media, including The Financial Times, the Washington Post and Foreign Policy, on development and security issues. Lockhart was part of the Bonn negotiation team for the post-2001 settlement in Afghanistan. Before 2001, she managed a programme on social policy at the World Bank. She is a Member of the Bar of England and Wales, and educated at Oxford and Harvard.