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Claver Gatete

Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning of Rwanda

1991, degree and 1993, Master's in Agricultural Economics, Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver. 1991-97, Economist, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, Statistics Canada, Univ. of British Columbia and Algonquin College. 1997-2000, Nat'l Economist, UNDP. 2000-03, Director-General for Social and Economic Affairs and Member of the Presidential Advisory Council. 2001-05, Personal Representative of the President on NEPAD Steering Committee; Coordinator, National African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM); Member, APR National Commission; Member, NEPAD's African Partnership Forum (APF). 2003-05, Secretary-General and Secretary to the Treasury, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. 2005-09, Rwanda's Ambassador to the UK, Ireland and Iceland. 2009-11 Deputy Governor, and from May 2011, Governor of the National Bank of Rwanda. Former Chairman: Rwanda Revenue Authority; School of Finance and Banking; National Privatization Technical Committee; National Treasury Management Committee. Former Member of the Board: National Bank of Rwanda. Former Vice-Chairman, Community Development Fund. Former Co-Chair, Development Partners Coordination Group. Author.