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Don Tapscott

Adjunct Professor of Management, Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

1970, BA and BSc in Psychology; 1978, MEd in Research Methodology. Co-Founder and Executive Director, Blockchain Research Institute, conducting the definitive investigation of blockchain strategy, issues, and implementation challenges. Adjunct Professor, Rotman School of Management, Univ. of Toronto. Since 1992, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Tapscott Group. Adviser on business strategy and competitiveness to business and government leaders and global keynote speaker. Works with government leaders to reinvent government for the digital era and to strengthen democratic institutions. Chancellor, Trent Univ. Author or Co-Author of 16 books, incl.: Blockchain Revolution (co-authored with Alex Tapscott (2016); Paradigm Shift (1992); Growing Up Digital (1999); The Naked Corporation (2003); Wikinomics (2007); and Macrowikinomics (2010). Recipient, honorary doctorates of law.