Geraldo Alckmin

Vice-President and Minister of Development, Industry, Trade and Services of Brazil, Office of the President of Brazil

Degree in Medicine, Taubaté University; degree in Anaesthesiology, Hospital for Sao Paulo State Employees. Formerly: City Councillor, at age 20; 1976, Mayor, Pindamonhangaba, State of Sao Paulo, at 25 the youngest Brazilian mayor; 1982-86, State Congressman; 1983-87 and 1987-1994, Federal Congressman, including author of law project which became Customer Defence Code; 1988, one of founders, PSDB, the Brazilian Social Democracy Party including: 1991-94, President, State of Sao Paulo; 1994-2001, Vice-Governor, State of Sao Paulo; 2001-06, Governor, State of Sao Paulo; 2006, PSDB candidate for Brazilian presidency, requiring him to resign governorship, came second; 2008, appointed Secretary of Development, by Governor of Sao Paulo; since 2010, re-elected Governor, State of Sao Paulo.

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