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Imad Elhajj

Professor, American University of Beirut

1997, Bachelor's (Hons) in Engineering, Computer and Communications Engineering, American Univ. of Beirut; 1999, MSc and 2002, PhD in Electrical Engineering, Michigan State Univ. Currently, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, American Univ. of Beirut. Cofounder and acting CFO SAUGO 360. Past Chair, Lebanon Section and Senior Member, IEEE & ACM. Research interests: instrumentation and robotics, cyber security, sensor and computer networks, and multimedia networking. Author of more than 100 publications. Recipient of awards, incl.: Best Paper, International Conference on Information Society in the 21st Century (2000); Most Outstanding Graduate Student, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Michigan State Univ. (2001); Best Paper, IEEE Electro Information Technology Conference (2003); Teaching Excellence Award, American Univ. of Beirut (2011); Kamal Salibi Academic Freedom Award (2014).