Jean-Louis Chaussade

Chief Executive Officer, SUEZ

Degree in Civil Engineering and Master's in Economics, Political Sciences Institute of Paris and Harvard Business School. Entire career with SUEZ Group: 1978, joined DEGREMONT France; 1989, Chief Operating Officer, DEGREMONT Spain, Bilbao; concurrently, Board Member, Aguas de Barcelona; 1992, Special Adviser, DUMEZ COPISA Spain; 1997, Chief Operating Officer, LYONNAISE DES EAUX, Latin America; SUEZ Delegate for South America; 2000, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, DEGREMONT; since 2004, has evolved in the Group to become Executive Vice-President, SUEZ and Chief Executive Officer, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT. From 28 July 2015, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT became SUEZ.