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Jean-Luc Vez

Head of Public Security Policy and Security Affairs, Member of the Management Committee, World Economic Forum Geneva

LLD, University of Fribourg, Switzerland; diploma in International Security Policy, IUCEI, Geneva. 1981-85, Assistant Professor, University of Fribourg. 1986-90, Senior Officer, Directorate of the Central Office for Defence, Federal Ministry for Defence, and Secretary, Inter-Ministry Intelligence Conference. 1990-92, Deputy Special Delegate and Special Delegate for State Security Files, Swiss Federal Government. 1992-96, Head, Press and Radio Service, Swiss Federal Government. 1996-2000, Deputy General Director, Federal Office for Police, Ministry for Justice and Police, and Head, Main Division for Legal Affairs and Data Protection. 2001-13, General Director, Federal Office for Police (Fedpol – responsible for Swiss Internal Intelligence, Federal Criminal Police, Federal Security Service and International Police Cooperation). State Secretary, Head of Swiss Delegations at international conferences and negotiations on international cooperation treaties. 2004, Colonel, on reserve Duty, Swiss Army General Staff. Since April 2014, Managing Director, World Economic Forum, Head of Security Policy and Security Affairs.