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Jean-Pierre Clamadieu

Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chief Executive Officer, Solvay SA

Graduate, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Paris. Formerly, nine years in various positions, French Civil Service. 1993-2003, executive positions, Rhodia and its predecessor Rhône-Poulenc, including: President, Rhodia Chemicals Latin America; President, Eco Services Business; SVP, Corporate Purchasing; President, Pharmaceuticals & Agrochemicals Division. 2003-11, CEO, and 2008-11, Chairman, Board of Directors, Rhodia Group, integrated into Solvay in 2011. Chairman, Executive Committee and Member, Board of Directors, Solvay Group. Chairman: Board of Directors, Rhodia; Sustainable Development Commission, MEDEF; Franco-Brazilian Business Council, Int'l MEDEF. VP, European Chemical Industry Council. Member, Board of Directors: Int'l Chemical Industry Council; Faurecia; Axa.