Jo Dunkley

Professor, Princeton University

My research is in cosmology, which means I try to understand the universe as a whole entity. I try to find out its origins and how it has evolved to where we are today, and what will likely happen to it in the future. I also try to understand the fundamental laws of nature that describe our universe. Understanding our place on Earth, within our much bigger home in the universe, is something that humans have strived to do for millennia. I seek to enrich the understanding of others through this research. My particular research involves studying subtle signals in images that we have taken from telescopes in space and from mountaintops in Chile. These images are of light that has been traveling since just after the universe as we know it was born, and they let us see space as it was deep in the past. As well as being exciting to others, the statistical analysis methods I apply to the big data sets are of great use in other areas, for example medical imaging, finance, and environmental modelling.