José Ignacio Avalos Hernández

Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, Un Kilo de Ayuda

At age 22, José Ignacio Avalos Hernández started a youth movement for human values called Gente Nueva, at a time when civil society organizations were regarded as highly suspicious in Mexico. Since then, he founded or inspired the establishment of many organizations based upon improving individual capacities, opportunity access for the poor and infrastructure building. Some of these organizations include: COFAS; Compartamos Banco, now Grupo Gentera; and Mi Tienda. José is currently Chaiman of the Board and Founder of Promotora Social México, Venture Philanthropy and Impact Investing pioneer organization in Mexico. He is the founder of Un Kilo de Ayuda, an NGO that works to promote Early Childhood Development in Mexico, and has ventured in the education field as Founder and Board Member of Mexicanos Primero.