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Juan Somavia

Director-General (1999-2012), International Labour Organization (ILO), Geneva

1976-90, Founder, Executive Director and President, Latin American Institute for Transnational Studies; 1985-90, Founder and Secretary-General, South American Peace Commission, actively involved in restoration of democracy in Chile; 1990-99, Chilean Permanent Representative to UN, New York; 1993-94 and 1998-99, President, ECOSOC; proposed, and chaired Preparatory Committee; 1995, World Summit for Social Development; 1996 and 1997, President, Security Council; 1996-99, chaired board of UN Research Institute for Social Development; since 1999, current position, first representative of southern hemisphere to head ILO: 1999, organization established Decent Work as primary goal; 2003, created World Commission on Social Dimension of Globalization, first official body to look systematically at social impact of globalization. Recipient of awards.