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Karuna Rana

Co-Founder and Executive Director, SIDS Youth AIMS Hub (SYAH)

Karuna runs the SIDS Youth AIMS Hub (SYAH), the first regional, youth-led organization aimed at advancing sustainable development across 8 African and Asian SIDS. She also coordinates the Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network and has over 8 years of career experience in the environmental and youth development area. This includes grassroots actions, policy advocacy, and reducing the ecological footprint of organizations - within non-profits, corporations and inter-governmental organizations. She has lobbied Governments and coordinated the participation of youth within key UN negotiations. Her work now promotes an increased representation and engagement of youth from the most climate vulnerable countries in environmental policy-making at all levels by training them to effectively track climate change negotiations, learn the basics of climate journalism and run effective climate campaigns. Locally, her most recent project is the Tap Water Revolution aimed at increasing access to safe tap water at all public places in Mauritius (including schools and restaurants). Karuna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical and Environmental Engineering and is the Editor of the 5th Global Environment Outlook for Youth publication. An ocean enthusiast, Karuna received the 2015 Queen’s Young Leader Award, and the 2016 Mary Robinson Climate Justice Award for her project #SeeingBlue.