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Kunio Mikuriya

Secretary-General, World Customs Organization (WCO)

BA in Law, Tokyo University; PhD in International Relations, Kent University. 1976, with Ministry of Finance; 1981-82, Director, Local Tax Office, Okawa, Fukuoka prefecture; 1982-84, with Bank of Japan; 1990-93, First Secretary then Counsellor, Mission of Japan, Geneva, including GATT Uruguay Round negotiations; 1995-97, Director, Salary and Allowance Control Division then Budget Examiner, Foreign Affairs, Official Development Aid, Industry and Trade, Budget Bureau; 1997-2001, Director, Enforcement Division then Director, International Affairs and Research Division including regional trade agreement policy, then Counsellor, Customs and Tariff Bureau. With World Customs Organization, Brussels: 2002-08, Deputy Secretary-General; since January 2009, current position.