Louis Roy

Founder and President, Optel Group

Deploying TRANSPARENCY through supply chain DIGITIZATION to improve ESG and business PERFORMANCE and product SAFETY.
This is our contribution to accelerate transition toward a sustainable society.
As a mission driven entrepreneur in technology, I lead OPTEL to be the global leader in digital traceability platform and DRIVE CHANCE across citizen, corporations and public institution.

With operations in Canada, US, Brazil, Ireland and India, Optel is a global corporate CSR model, certified BCorp, proving our triple bottom line focus. We received many recognitions for our work, from trust of many Fortune 100 businesses, and Canada EY Entrepreneur of the year in 2017.

Our platform leverages IoT, AI, Cloud Computing, Satellite Imagery, Mobile Apps and real time tracking to drive complex supply chain transformation.

I personally initiated a special program on mass behavior changes using positive gamification as technology by itself is just a tool, transformation needs to come from Human.

Optel also co-found and co-lead SCALE.AI, Canada Super-Cluster on Intelligent Supply Chain.

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