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Mahmoud Jibril

Prime Minister of Libya (2011); Leader of the National Forces Alliance of Libya, National Forces Alliance of Libya

1975, degree in Economics and Political Science, Cairo University; 1980, Master's and 1985, Doctorate in Political Science, University of Pittsburgh. Former Lecturer in Strategic Planning, University of Pittsburgh. Led the team that drafted and formed the Unified Arab Training manual; 1987 and 1988, responsible for organizing and administering the first two training conferences in the Arab world. Former manager and administrator of many leaders' training programmes for senior management in Arab countries. 2007-09, Head, National Economic Development Board (NEDB), responsible for promoting privatization and liberalization policies; then Consultant, NEDB. Since March 2011, Chairman, Executive Office, National Transitional Council: led meetings and negotiations with many international leaders and steered the NTC foreign policy; 21 August 2011, amidst the Battle of Tripoli, urged revolutionary fighters against looting, revenge killing, abusing foreign nationals, and mistreating prisoners of war; 27 August 2011, keynote speaker, Arab League; 24 September 2011, addressed the United Nations General Assembly. Consistently advocated for unity and reconciliation.