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Maria-Elena Torres-Padilla

Director, Institute of Epigenetics and Stem Cells, Helmholtz Zentrum München

Originally from Mexico, she holds a degree in Biology by the National University of Mexico, and a Ph.D in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France. She worked at Cambridge University, UK, and is currently the Director of the Institute of Epigenetics and Stem Cells at the Helmholtz Centre in Munich. She is also Professor of the chair of Stem Cell Biology at the Faculty of Biology of the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, Germany. She has received a number of awards for her research in the epigenetics field and cellular plasticity and is member of EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organisation) since 2015. Her research activities focus on understanding how epigenetic information regulates transitions in cell identity and cellular reprogramming, which is essential in understanding the biology of the pluripotent stem cells, in particular on their origin and development. From a broader perspective her work is expected to help understanding early aspects of embryonic development, human reproduction, fertility and stem cell biology.