Michelle Bachelet

Degrees in Military Science; 1970, medical school, University of Chile; 1996, studies at National Academy for Strategic and Policy Studies; 1997, Continental Defense Course, Inter-American Defense College, Washington DC. Trained paediatrician and public health specialist. 1970, Member of Socialist Party; 1975, arrested and tortured with mother; after release went into exile in Australia then Germany; 1979, returned to Chile; 1982, completed medical training, University of Chile; 1983-86, completed residency in Paediatric Medicine and Public Health; 1986-90, Head, Medical Department, PIDEE, an NGO; 1990, with West Santiago Health Service and National AIDS Commission; consultant on public health issues to several international organizations; 1994, Senior Assistant to Deputy Health Minister; 1995, Member, Socialist Party Central Committee; 1998-2000, Senior Assistant to Defence Minister and Member, Socialist Party Executive Committee; 2000, Health Minister; 2002-04, Defence Minister; 2006-10, first woman President of Chile.

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