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Paul Okumu

Head, Secretariat, AfricaPlatform (ACP)

Paul serves as Head of Secretariat for the Africa Platform- an Organization working on the Social Contract and State Society Relations in 23 mainly post conflict countries and emerging democracies across Africa. Overall Responsibility for Strategy, Coalition building and Management, Dialogue and Negotiations with governments and businesses on behalf of society and Advocacy across Africa on State-Society Relations and The Social Contract. The Africa Platform works to offer development pathways that do not allow governments to offer charity in public while entrenching their military, economic and ideological in private. It also works to strengthen society leadership and control over their development and governance agenda. Paul is a Steering Group Member of the Global Civic Charter and Member of the UNDP Program Advisory Board for Africa. On the Social Contract and State Society Relations Paul is a Founder Africans Rising, a continental initiative of Africans working to present alternative options to Governance and Development in Africa, while providing a new pathway to Africa's growth away from the GDP-only growth paradigm. ON the Global Civic Charter, h part of the leadership of an initiative of Global Civil Society working to reclaim right, freedoms and responsibilities of citizens. On Private Sector and the Social Contract Paul engages with businesses and corporations on values, ethics and principles that offer private sector alternatives to the increasingly extractive nature of some businesses in Africa. On Development as Politics he works to present development solutions that strengthen citizen confidence in themselves and their governments, as well as allowing them space to develop their economic power by being in charge of their resources. On Global Policy on Development as Politics he coordinates various initiatives across Africa that ensure Global Policies do not undermine national interests and agendas of nations across Africa. He was among the small team that provided support to African Governments during the development of the Africa Common Position on Post-2015, the intergovernmental processes on Agenda 2030 and the integration of Agenda 2030 with Africa Union Vision 2063. Previously Paul served on the Global UNDP Civil Society Advisory Committee (CSAC) and the Steering Committee of the International Dialogue on Peace Building and State Building (IDPS) Paul engages extensively with Power on a regular purpose- from Heads of States to the leadership of the United Nations and the World Bank, from Business leaders to community members, from Global Civil Society leaders to citizens -All with one purpose:Change that last must be owned by people Paul studied at the University of Nairobi in Kenya and continues to study in key areas of his work and life.