Peter BenHur Nyeko

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Mandulis Energy

Peter BenHur Nyeko co-founded Mandulis Energy, a clean-tech social enterprise focused on innovating, developing and deploying novel approaches to technology, to deliver carbon capture and storage, alongside energy that is affordable, reliable, sustainable, and capable of driving economic development, in urban and rural communities, alongside holistic synergies in support of biodiversity in nearby conservation ecosystems. Mandulis Energy has just secured the close of a round of fundraising for the initial multi-megawatt tranche of over a dozen hybrid-renewable, carbon-removal minigrids, out of a confirmed pipeline of over three-score bankable sites, covering over an octet of jurisdictions across a quartet of regions.

Mandulis Energy's Nature-Positive, Circular, Satellite-enabled & AI-enhanced, Hybrid approach to Bioenergy for Carbon Capture & Storage {BECCS}, Biomass Carbon Removal & Storage {BiCRS}, & high quality Biochar-based Carbon Removals; concurrently delivers Sustainable, Affordable, Reliable & Productive Energy for Development, alongside Sustainable Alternative/Aviation Fuels 'SAF', Green Hydrogen, Biogenic CO², Clean Cooking & activated Biochar organic fertilizers for soil regeneration.

From a research & innovation base in England, and operations anchored in Uganda, and actively scaling up begining with Botswana, Cambodia, Guinea, Kenya, Nigeria, Spain, South Africa, Tanzania, & Zambia. Mandulis Energy is a World Economic Forum double Top Innovator for both Humanitarian and Resilience Investing (HRI) Initiative, and for the Circular Economy Solutions, and leads the development of Africa’s largest grid-tied biomass gasification power plant, as well as the off-grid “REPARLE” & “BEPeARLe” Projects. Having won the Innovate UK Energy Catalyst Late stage announced at COP28 in Dubai 2023. BEPeARLe also won the DFCD Scalable Climate Solutions Challenge at COP26 in Glasgow. BEPeARLe is listed in ESI Africa’s top 14 African Power & Energy projects 2022, for delivering in rural settings, the holy grail of grid parity, highest quality renewable energy at the lowest costs possible, using a circular economy zero-waste approach to power agriculture and enhance the livelihoods of rural smallholder & refugee farmers. By-products of Mandulis projects include organic bio-fertilizer & biochar, which promote climate smart agriculture; and sustainable solutions to replace coal & other fossil fuels.

A trailblazer in greening the Humanitarian response & sustainable development sector; Mandulis is working alongside multiple partners to promote clean energy, agricultural processing, clean cooking & climate smart solutions in biodiversity conservancies and Refugee Hosting ecosystems. Mandulis’ key stakeholders include: Conscious Venture Lab, the Wren climate finance platform, and the Power Partnership. An EEP Africa portfolio company, & an Unreasonable venture, Mandulis has also partnered with Accenture Development Partnerships, AfDB SEFA, BZ Netherlands, DEG develoPPP, FCDO, Innovate UK, GCC, KfW, PREO, UECCC, UNCDF, and USAID among others.

Mandulis leverages Climate Finance to Decarbonize Development; by deploying Sustainable Infrastructure which: Powers Agriculture, & enables Industrial Supply Chains to become more Green, Robust & Inclusive. Mandulis continues to build synergies to further scale & replicate the impact of our carbon removal footprint, PoweringHope across Africa, Asia, Europe & beyond.

A returning diasporan, born in Uganda, with family from some of the refugee hosting districts Mandulis currently works; Nyeko’s global professional journey has included renewable energy and climate finance, education, transport, and logistics. He has an MEng in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Bristol, and is an alumnus of Cranfield University, the University of the West of England; and IESE Business School in Spain & Germany.
A keen Ballroom Dancer, Equestrian and Thespian, he also enjoys performing and writing in Acholi, Arabic, French & Spanish.

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