Rossana Fuentes-Berain

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mexico Media Lab, Mexico, Mexico Media Lab

Since September 2014, she has been the founding CEO of Mexico Media Lab S21, which is a think tank that specializes in doing research about the use of ICTs and using it to imagine and implement disruptive projects that provoke innovation in both the public and private sector in Mexico. As part of the research activity of the Mexico Media Lab, Rossana published in 2015 the book “México 2020: dale click a tu futuro” (Mexico 2020: click on your future), in which she explores future scenarios for Mexico and emphasizes the necessary bet on digital revolution in the country. She currently writes for Huffington Post Mexico and gives conferences, and works pro-bono in scenario planning for Latin America and México. From January 2009 until August 31, 2014, held the position of Editorial VP of Grupo Expansion where she oversaw the editorial content of 17 magazines and 11 websites. She was also responsible for the editorial content of the company's brand extensions. Under her leadership,, a joint venture between Grupo Expansion and CNN was launched and, Mexico's main sports website was acquired and fully redesigned. She was responsible for the company's transmedia efforts. Upon her arrival she developed Kinesis, a transmedia's approach in content creation within magazines and across platforms, which was part of the reengineering proposal of the company. Before becoming Editorial VP, Fuentes Berain had been the first women editor of Business Affairs for El Financiero, lead the Investigative team at Reforma, and the Op Ed pages at El Universal, three important daily newspapers in Mexico. She hosted the Televisa TV program “Contrapunto”, still comments on primetime TV and is a frequent contributor to The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other U.S. media outlets. In addition, she is a former Media Fellow at the yearly World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland. Fuentes Berain has written on a range of topics and issues, including the Mexican currency crisis of 1994, the Mexican debt crisis of the 1980s, as well as salient international affairs and domestic political issues. She has contributed to several edited volumes, including "Networked Readiness: Latin America's Last Train" by Soumitra Dutta, Bruno Lanvin, Fiona Paua (eds.), Oxford University Press. Her latest individually authored book is Oro Gris (Grey Gold), a biography of CEMEX’s Mexican billionaire CEO Lorenzo Zambrano; Zambrano’s story is essentially an epic set in the world of international business and globalization which also tells the tale of the modernization of the Mexican state. Fuentes Berain graduated from the Universidad de Occidente-Navarra-Iberoamericana (PH.D) on Media and Law. She holds a graduate degree from the University of Southern California (MA), on Teather of the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts (MA), a Diploma on Aesthetics and Film History from the Sorbonne in Paris, and a BA of the Universidad Autónoma de México (UAM) on Mass Media at the Public. Fuentes Berain serves as a member of the advisory committee of the journal Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica as the founder.