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Ryo Umezawa

Director, J-Seed Ventures Inc.

Ryo spent 10 years in the Philippines prior to studying International Business and Economics at Sophia University in Tokyo. Ryo has been with J-Seed Ventures since 2005, participating in several partner companies where he frequently assisted in starting up the businesses, marketing and business development. He has experience in the mobile/smartphone, online marketing and ad businesses. In 2008, he was in charge of starting up an iPhone ad network and produced an iPhone app at TrafficGate (currently LinkShare Japan K.K., a Rakuten, Inc. group company). Ryo also has experience in starting up his own venture, a mobile marketing company. Ryo is currently running a global startup, angel investor in several startups and serves as a advisor to a mobile marketing solution company in China and a Japanese publicly listed company that is investing in to business overseas. From time to time Ryo writes about technology ventures and overseas market news for CNET Japan and TechWave. He loves working with startups and in addition to being an avid blogger, he is a serious networker who is constantly meeting people and hooking them up with others.