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Sami Mahroum

Academic and Executive Director, Innovation and Policy Initiative, INSEAD

BA, Political Science & Econ. Dev., Univ. of Oslo; MSc, Science & Tech. Dynamics, Univ. of Amsterdam; PhD, Social Studies of Science, Tech. & Innovation, German Armed Forces Univ. Former: researcher, policy analyst, adviser on innovation policy and knowledge economy, Austrian Institute of Tech., Ontario Gov't, OECD, TNO and RAND, European Commission, Institute for Prospective Tech. Studies, and in UK; Senior Analyst, OECD, Paris; Visiting Reader, Birkbeck College, Univ. of London; Research Director, NESTA. Since 2010, Director, Innovation and Policy Initiative, INSEAD. Contributed to UK Innovation White Paper (2008), OECD Innovation Strategy (2010), Europe 2010 Futures project. Published widely on policy-related themes, incl.: measurement of innovation performance of nations; brain-drain and the int'l competition for talent.