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Sanjiv Rai

Founder and Chief Solver, Inverted Ideas Lab

Graduate, University of Calcutta; studies, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Innovator and serial entrepreneur. Founder and former Chief Architect, CHANDRA project, NASA, aimed towards setting up a communication infrastructure on the moon for permanent human inhabitancy and human migration to Space. Founder: Hyperspace.ai : Inverted Ideas Lab; Genic.ai ; Billion Innovators; AceWP Innovation Labs; innovate2Learn; smartSAPS; BioTab; coolATM; ChazeMe; Rosenbridges smart cities. Active and leads initiatives at: IEEE Artificial Intelligence; Nanotechnology Council, GEOSS; ASQ-ECD; World Economic Forum. Author, several intellectual properties, including industry standards, copyrights, articles, books and patents. Recipient of several awards.