Shellice Sairras

Alumni, Global Shapers Community

Shellice Sairras is a young motivated cardiovascular scientist who likes to travel and explore the world. With a Master degree in Cardiovascular research, obtained at the Vrije Universiteit in The Netherlands, she is conducting various clinical and epidemiological studies focusing on the role of infectiology in cardiovascular diseases in the Academic Hospital in Suriname. Recently, Shellice has helped set up a heart failure program and started her PhD training on the effect of close monitoring through a heart failure app on mortality, hospital readmission, quality of life and healthcare cost in heart failure patients. This important work will show the benefits of the implementation of health technology in middle income countries who lack a decentralized health care program. In addition, Shellice is a part- time lecturer at the Polytechnic College in Suriname, where she teaches 3 classes. Currently Shellice is the outgoing curator from the Paramaribo hub, which she successfully handed over to the new curator. Since her younger years Shellice has the drive to help people from various backgrounds and joining the Global Shapers Community, enables her to do this by doing projects aimed at sustainable growth, improvement and overall development.

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