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Reach your changemakers: Arctic Basecamp's Gail Whiteman and Rainn Wilson

Melting arctic ice will have knock-on effects around the globe, impacting farms, homes, livelihoods and more. But making people care about the Arctic and things they'll likely never see firsthand - can be almost impossible. Unless you get creative, that is. Arctic Basecamp (a group of arctic experts and scientists), has found a range of creative ways build to awareness, including: a special basecamp during Davos (where visitors can learn the latest research by day and some spend the night like polar researchers in below zero temperatures), attention-getting apps, and ice cream booths that drive home the fact the survival of our favorite foods might be fleeting and vulnerable to climate change. There's even a new metaverse experience developed with Accenture on Polar Tipping Points (as part of the World Economic Forum's larger Global Collaboration Village). Meet the Leader talked with founder Gail Whiteman and board member, activist and actor Rainn Wilson about how they strategically "speak science to power," to grab the attention of changemakers from grassroots activists to heads of state. They also discuss how they target and connect with a 'moveable middle" a segment of the population open to change and willing to consider new ideas and approaches.

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Hosted by:
Linda Lacina

Digital Editor, World Economic Forum


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