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Launch your brainchild: Raise Our Voice Australia's Ashleigh Streeter-Jones

Too many groups, including women and gender diverse people, do not see themselves as policymakers or politicians. Raise Our Voice Australia works to change that by providing special training on how the political system works, as well as tactical skills in areas like community building and having conversations with people you disagree with. Founder Ashleigh Streeter-Jones shares the important role a mentor played in crafting a step-by-step process to launch the social enterprise, one that helped break the massive project into 'bite-sized' pieces, a process that can be instrumental for founders of any startup or initiative. In fact, Streeter-Jones has a circle of mentors she turns to for advice and commiseration, and she shares the key role that mentoring plays in sharing knowledge and building anything big.

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Hosted by:
Linda Lacina

Digital Editor, World Economic Forum


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Meet the Leader

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