Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation

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The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation – jointly established by ICC, the Forum, and CIPE – works with the public and private sectors to identify bottlenecks in the supply chain and implement targeted solutions. Results are measured by commercial metrics and are in line with the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement. The Alliance is funded by the US, Germany, UK, Canada, and Australia and benefits from the expertise of GIZ, the German development agency. It also leverages in-kind contributions from the private sector.
The Alliance programme expects to run 10 consortium-led (type 3) projects in 2018 of which 6 are operational and another 4-8 are under development:

#1 Vietnam                   – modern system of conditional release of goods using customs bonds
#2-3 Colombia              – a) risk-management system for inspection, surveillance, and control for imports of food, medicine and medical equipment
                                        b) establishment of a “Center” to harmonize/centralize customs decisions
#4-5  Ghana/Kenya      – Risk-based pre-arrival processing to expedite the clearance of goods
#6     Sri Lanka             – Developing a framework for a multi country consolidation hub
Remaining projects in developmental stage are expected in the following countries: Brazil, Argentina, Morocco, Zambia, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Bangladesh and India.
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