The Consumption Dilemma: Leverage Points for Accelerating Sustainable Growth
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At the 2011 Annual Meeting in Davos, the Driving Sustainable Consumption initiative will deliver its third report: \"The Consumption Dilemma: Leverage Points for Accelerating Sustainable Growth\". In this new report a framework displays the leverage points available to businesses, governments and the wider global community which offer the greatest opportunities to tip business models, and the economy as a whole, towards sustainable consumption.In addition, the report lays out the direction for the initiative\'s work in 2011, which will focus on exploring how to scale up specific and successful policy innovations that have aligned business success with sustainability, especially in emerging markets. This new phase will be developed through a newly proposed Policy Innovation Platform to be endorsed by CEOs at the Annual Meeting 2011.  Note: This report was updated April 2011

Friday 28 January 2011