Future of Government - Fast and Curious

Future of Government – Fast and Curious is a short and updated version of the Future of Government – Lessons Learned from around the World, published in 2011 by the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on the Future of Government. The Council has suggested four main areas of government transformation, and how progress should be measured in achieving such transformations. The four elements are summarised in the FAST (Flat, Agile, Streamlined, Tech-Enabled) model. Flatter governments promote (a) citizen engagement, (b) administrative efficiency, (c) decision-making process, (d) intergovernment and cross-sector collaboration. An agile government organizes itself to marshal public and private resources quickly to address challenges. A streamlined government carefully plans workforce reductions coupled with significant organizational, technological and workforce advances. Finally, a tech-enabled government is successful in redesigning its policy, legal and regulatory frameworks and processes to align with the dynamics of a networked world.

13 November 2012