World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2016: Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution

At the Annual Meeting 2016, under the theme Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, technology shifted from a supporting role to the spotlight. More than 2,500 participants from all walks of life came together in Davos to prepare for a future of exponentially disruptive change as assumptions about growth models were overturned, the international balance of power continued to fray, and scientific and technological breakthroughs stood poised to transform economies and societies.

This report serves as a valuable document to stimulate deeper thinking on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We gratefully acknowledge our Partners, Members and participants, as well as the Meeting Co-Chairs, for their leadership and guidance throughout the event. Thanks also to leaders from the Forum communities, including Social Entrepreneurs, Global Shapers, Young Global Leaders and Technology Pioneers, who played a significant role in the design and development of the various sessions.

2 February 2016