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These Japanese volunteers are planting seagrass to fight climate change

Around 100 volunteers gathered on beaches in Yokohama to plant eelgrass seedlings beneath the water. The shallow waters around Tokyo Bay used to teem with eelgrass, but with the development of Japan's two largest cities, Tokyo and Yokohama nearby, the eelgrass died out.

Decades-long struggle to restore seagrass

The volunteers have been working for more than two decades, but they face an uphill struggle. Disease, pollution, and global warming are making it harder for seagrass to thrive.

Seagrass and climate change

Seagrass is a powerful ally in the fight against climate change. However, with global seagrass meadows shrinking by almost 7% annually, concerns about the conservation of seagrass are being raised.

Protecting ocean health through global collaboration

Healthy oceans are crucial economically. The World Economic Forum tackles this through two initiatives:

  • The Blue Carbon Action Partnership: Protects seagrass, mangroves, and marshes by securing funding, research, and community involvement.
  • The Ocean Action Agenda: Promotes a healthy ocean through restoration, protection, and building resilience in coastal communities.
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