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Portugal ran only on renewable energy for over 6 days

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Portugal has achieved a remarkable milestone in its renewable energy journey, running entirely on renewable sources for over six days. This groundbreaking feat sets a new national record of 149 hours, surpassing the previous record of 131 hours set in 2019.

A leading force in renewable energy

Portugal stands as a European frontrunner in clean energy initiatives. In 2016, the country established its ambitious "net zero by 2050" target, three years ahead of most other EU nations. Portugal also closed down its last coal plant in 2021, nine years ahead of its own 2030 target. With the commitment to phasing out gas plants by 2040, Portugal is paving the way for carbon neutrality as early as 2045.

Global recognition for Portugal's efforts

Portugal's dedication to clean energy has not gone unnoticed. The country ranks among the top 20 nations best prepared for the energy transition, as recognized by the World Economic Forum's Centre for Energy and Materials.

The country's success demonstrates the feasibility of a clean energy future and paves the way for a sustainable, secure, and equitable energy landscape for all.

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