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Social media can be especially harmful for women. Let's change that

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Social media can be a breeding ground for harmful content, especially for women. Researcher Kara Alaimo dives into this issue and offers solutions.

The problem: escalating misogyny

Social media is becoming increasingly hostile for women, with extremist misogyny now commonplace. This online violence translates to the real world, as shown by the rise of upsetting content and harassment targeting young women.

Alaimo argues for reform, not retreat. Social media offers valuable connections and opportunities, but both tech companies and users need to work together to make it safer for women.

Kara Alaimo's strategies for a better social media for women

Alaimo proposes three strategies to make social media more positive for women:

  • Amplify women's voices: Actively follow and share content from women in your field.
  • Challenge negativity strategically: Ignore negative posts or counter them by praising the targeted woman ("positive slamming") or talking privately to the poster.
  • Report violations: Report content that violates platform guidelines to social media companies.
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May 14, 2024


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