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2,000 Swiss women sued their government over climate change – and won

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The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled in favor of a group of over 2,000 Swiss women suing their government for inaction on climate change.

The group, called Swiss Elders for Climate Protection, argued that the government's inadequate climate policies violated their right to a healthy environment and exposed the older citizens to increased health risks.

Global repercussions for climate action

This landmark ruling is expected to have a significant impact beyond Switzerland. Experts believe it will encourage similar lawsuits around the world. The number of climate-related lawsuits has been rapidly increasing.

Some of the successful cases include the one brought by Indigenous Australians in 2022 and young Germans in 2021. These cases highlight the growing legal recognition of the human right to a healthy environment and accountability of the governments.

A call to action from the Swiss women

The urgency of the climate crisis is undeniable. With global emissions rising while they need to be falling rapidly, the question remains: What's your country doing to cut emissions?

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