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Azeem Azhar explains why ‘techno-pessimism’ is not helpful

Azeem Azhar is the creator of Exponential View, a global platform for in-depth tech analysis. He believes that techno-pessimism, the belief that technology is bad, is unhelpful. He argues that we need a critical reflection on technology and that we need to recognize that there will be benefits and risks associated with it.

Technology outpacing society and institutions

Azhar highlights the exponential growth of certain technologies, particularly computing, memory storage, lithium-ion batteries, solar photovoltaics, and biotechnology advancements. This rapid advancement outpaces the ability of societies and institutions to adapt and regulate these technologies, leading to several consequences.

The gap widening between tech producers and consumers

Azeem Azhar notes the growing gulf between those who develop and understand technology and those who consume it. This gap stems from a lack of mutual understanding and the rapid pace of technological change. Society's inability to keep up with this transformation hinders its ability to effectively regulate and harness technology's potential.

The need for preparedness to tackle techno-pessimism

Azhar highlights the challenges associated with understanding and addressing the unintended consequences of rapidly evolving technologies. The speed of technological change makes it difficult to foresee and mitigate potential risks. This necessitates a proactive approach to anticipating and addressing unintended effects.

Watch the video to learn more about Azeem Azhar's thoughts on techno-pessimism.

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