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These Grain-Surfing Robots Could Save Lives

Edinburgh start-up Crover is developing grain-surfing robots. These robots can crawl over grain heaps to test and monitor the condition of the grain. A smaller partner robot burrows in to check the grain is being stored efficiently.

Farmers need to regularly check the condition of stored grains such as wheat and barley to protect them from mould and insects. Typically, a person walks on top of the grain bulk and samples it with spears. However, this method is arduous, time-consuming and dangerous, as the grain can shift suddenly and trap them underneath.

The grain-surfing robots can produce a 3D map of a grain heap’s temperature and moisture levels in just hours, rather than the days it usually takes a human. Farmers can then use this information to increase ventilation or take pest-control measures.

A remote operator controls the robots and can be used in any type of grain storage facility. They are also equipped with sensors that can detect the presence of mould or insects. The robots are still in the development stage, but they have the potential to revolutionize the way the grain is stored and monitored.

In addition to grain storage, robots are also being used to pick fruit, clean solar panels and even guard the ancient ruins of Pompeii. As technology continues to develop, it is likely that we will see even more uses for robots in the future.


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