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How MamaToto's Reusable Cloth Diapers are Reducing Kenya's Waste

MamaToto, a Kenyan social enterprise, is positively impacting the environment and the lives of local women by producing reusable cloth diapers. Disposable diapers are a major contributor to plastic waste, with more than 300,000 being thrown away every minute. These diapers take hundreds of years to break down and end up polluting the environment and oceans. However, MamaToto is addressing this problem by reducing the number of disposable diapers polluting Kenya's environment.
The company delivers its reusable cloth diapers door-to-door, and customers have the option of washing the diapers themselves or using MamaToto's laundry service. MamaToto initially targeted middle and upper-income households, but it aims to provide affordable diapers to low-income families.
MamaToto uses locally milled cotton and employs women living in Kangemi, a Nairobi slum, to sew its accessories. By providing jobs for local women living in poverty, MamaToto is helping to lift them out of difficult situations and improve their quality of life.
A circular diaper industry could save 38 million tonnes of waste a year. MamaToto is making a significant contribution towards this goal. The company is a member of the Circulars Accelerator program, which is led by Accenture and includes partners such as UpLink, EcoLab, AngloAmerican, and AWS. Through this program, MamaToto is working towards a more sustainable future by promoting circular practices and reducing waste.
Overall, MamaToto is contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future by producing reusable cloth diapers and providing employment opportunities to local women in Kenya.

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