Together with our Partners and Members, the Forum has for many years been developing and leading agendas on a wide array of sustainability-related topics including climate change, the circular economy, water resource depletion, deforestation and others. Beyond this, the Forum, like every other institution and business, consumes resources and creates impact in the course of daily work. It is therefore our responsibility to be fully aware of and to practice sustainability in our activities.

In publishing the Sustainability policy, the Forum fully recognizes the importance of sustainability in developing and strengthening our mission, notably by taking a leadership role in advancing global understanding of sustainability, developing strategic partnerships and implementing best practices to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment and people. This policy also serves to assure a more structured and transparent approach to our implementation.

We aim for strong focus on sustainability practices at all Forum meetings and in our day-to-day activities in our Geneva, New York and Beijing offices, all crucial for direct impact.

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