A list of some of the week’s most interesting stories on economic growth and social inclusion

Facts and figures. The drop in fertility rates and dependency ratios brings growth opportunities in Africa. What are the conditions and policies that African economies need to put in place to reap a demographic dividend? (Vox EU)

“Business cannot succeed in failed societies”, writes Stanley Bergman. Responsive leadership is in dire need. (World Economic Forum)

Here are four lessons on how to adapt powerful social innovation programs at scale and in a new context. (World Economic Forum)

These days, toxic politics are making good economics more and more difficult. What can be done? (Project Syndicate)

Advanced economies are still not growing as strongly as they could, and monetary policy alone does not seem to do the trick. President Obama’s Chief Economic Adviser gives five principles for greater reliance on fiscal policy. (Financial Times)

Economists should pay more attention to the causes of racism when discussing inequality. (Institute for New Economic Thinking)

UC Berkeley launched a new lab to look at policies to tackle inequality and poverty. (UC Berkeley)

What do you know about secular stagnation and technological stagnation? (Bloomberg View)

Businesses have an interest in attracting the best talent to fill their positions. Yet traditional hiring methods are biased. (The Conversation)

In case you missed it, the key messages of Keynes’ General Theory in light of its 80th anniversary. (primeeconomics.org)