A list of some of the week’s most interesting stories on economic growth and social inclusion.

Is the robot takeover exaggerated? (Bloomberg)

Image: Economic Policy Institute via Bloomberg

Kenneth Rogoff’s critical view about the future of the Eurozone amid positive developments for the continent. (Project Syndicate)

An explanation of the dollar slide. (Project Syndicate)

And a critical view of the economic policy agenda of the US. (Bloomberg)

New research suggests that productivity slowdown could be due to post-crisis credit shortages. (The Wall Street Journal)

A data-based exploration of income inequality over time. (Our World in Data)

The Fed raised rates. (The Guardian)

Giving rise to a debate about near-term US growth. (The New York Times)

The real impact of Brexit may be just about to hit. (The New York Times)

On the interplay between politics and economics. (The Washington Post)

Cross-border investment levels have not returned to pre-crisis levels. (Financial Times, paywall)