Nicole Schwab

Director, and Nature-Based Solutions, Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum

Master’s in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School; MA in Natural Sciences, Cambridge University. Formerly, worked on health sector reform projects in Latin America, World Bank and the Ministry of Health of Bolivia. 2004-06, Founding Director, Forum of Young Global Leaders. 2009-2018 Co-Founder and President, EDGE Certified Foundation, a global scheme certifying organizations for closing the gender gap in the workplace. Facilitator and Strategic Advisor to non-profit organizations active in reforestation, wellbeing and women’s empowerment. Author of The Heart of the Labyrinth, a spiritual parable offering a message of Earth-centered wisdom.

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One Trillion Trees


广义上自然受益指是在2030前遏止并扭转自然界损失的目标从去年开这一术语越发受到重英国皇家学会旗舰生物研究期刊Proceedings B最近刊登一项新研究分析了600多种鸟类和哺乳动物的种群变化趋势研究结果表明目前生物多样性损失比我们先前想象还要严重在加速对自然保护管理及其恢复方面我们有望2023年期间看到如下五个自然受益发展趋

22 Apr 2023

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