Pavitra Raja

Programme and Engagement Lead, Europe and Americas - Schwab Foundation, World Economic Forum

Pavitra Raja is the Community Manager for social entrepreneurs in Europe, North America, and Latin America regions. Pavitra has also consulted with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe on international public policy advocacy and communications. She also has experience working in private and public sectors in legal affairs, policy, and marketing/communications. Pavitra holds a Juris Doctor (specialising in Intellectual Property Law and International Law) along with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, Political Sciences, and Marketing & Communications from the University of Melbourne. Pavitra also speaks six languages.

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我们应该如何使世界变得更好?我们缺的不是资源、解决方案或技术,而是聪明才智。我们需要研究我们如何扮演好公民、政府和企业的角色,从而促进转型。社会创新者和服务他人的系统颠覆者,为使世界成为一个更加公正、可持续和公平的地方提供了独特的见解。施瓦布基金会(Schwab Foundation)的社会创新者群体已经影响了来自190多个国家的7.22亿人的生活。

17 May 2022
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