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Agile Governance


Technologies that once had multi-year lifecycles can now become obsolete in six months. The same can be said of the rules that govern them: the Fourth Industrial Revolution is threatening the relevance and effectiveness of regulatory frameworks worldwide, as they fail to keep pace with technological change. A more agile approach to rule-making is needed in order to unlock the potential of innovation and ensure that it benefits everyone.


To harness the potential of technology and build trust into the fabric of business and innovation, we need to update governance mechanisms, align rule-making among different jurisdictions and overcome barriers between the private and public sectors. This project serves as a platform for a wide range of stakeholders to collaborate and build the common frameworks and language needed to realize these goals.


We are engaging with governments and companies across multiple industries to jointly update governance mechanisms and create high-impact use cases, especially in the RegTech Field. Our goals:

  • To build an ecosystem to share insights and design new governance models though collaboration among governments and companies (the Agile Nations globally and Digital Governance Lab locally)
  • To bring the practices of innovators in governance, including regulatory reform, to the mainstream through the Agile 50, which honors public sector leaders who have pioneered novel approaches to governance to successfully navigate digital transformation
  • To Implement Agile Governance in the private and public sectors though the Trust Governance Framework and support governments and companies seeking to become trust anchors.

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