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Data Governance

Data governance is the top policy priority of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our core approach is Data Free Flow with Trust (DFFT), a framework for the effective, sustainable, inclusive exchange of data that incorporates necessary regulations and enforcement mechanisms. The three pillars of our data-governance work are (1) cross-border data flows, (2) the Data for Common Purpose Initiative (DCPI), and (3) redesigning trust by updating regulations and rules (a.k.a. Governance Innovation).

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We advocate the development of a data governance framework that aims to prevent dementia and other ageing-related diseases and improve quality of life for sufferers. Authorized Public Purpose Access (APPA) is an approach designed to maximize the socially beneficial potential of data while protecting individual rights such as privacy and the legitimate interests of data holders.

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Smart Cities

The G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance (GSCA) aims to foster greater transparency, openness, and system interoperability in urban technology infrastructure by supporting cities' efforts to create necessary rules and building consensus on governance and implementation, in cooperation with municipal and national governments, private sector partners and residents.

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Our Mobility team is addressing two important transportation challenges: Rural Mobility and the Last Mile problem in delivery services. Both are especially pressing in Japan, where crowded cities exist alongside an ageing, depopulating countryside that, in many cases, can no longer support traditional public transport networks. Our projects aim to take advantage of the opportunities presented by digitization and other technological advances to improve transportation in cities, suburbs, and rural areas, from an integrated perspective.

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Agile Governance

Governments are under pressure to respond to the rapid changes in society and technology brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With initiatives such as the Agile 50, our Agile Governance team seeks to help public officials share experiences and ideas across jurisdictions, to help them to transform their organizations and governance systems. The ultimate goal is to maximize the value of innovation and minimize its risks while renewing trust in governance globally.

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