Global Future Council on Frontier Risks

Council mission and objectives

Despite substantial evidence on the vulnerability of health systems and years of warning by experts, COVID-19 surprised and shocked many throughout the world. It demonstrates how a single – and initially local – event can bring about a destabilizing effect on global societies and economies, even altering geopolitical and technological trajectories. The pandemic highlights the need for stronger risks foresight and expert analysis that can amplify weak signals of coming disruptions in the decades ahead.
The Global Future Council on Frontier Risks will capitalize on its diverse, forward-thinking membership to bring fresh thinking to future global risks. The Council will identify key future shocks for the next generation and propose policy opportunities that will build resiliency today in the face of these risks. Key themes include risk interconnections, blind spots, and the implications of frontier risks.

Forum Council Manager:
- Melinda Kuritzky, Lead, Global Risks and Geopolitical Agenda, World Economic Forum

Mobilizing thought leadership for impact

The Global Future Councils serve as a brain trust for leaders from government, business and civil society, and support the Forum’s mission by bringing together experts bound by a shared mission to discuss the most critical issues, generate insights and analysis, and collaborate in shaping agendas.


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