Global Future Council on the New Agenda for Economic Growth and Recovery

Council mission and objectives

What are the pathways to shaping an inclusive, dynamic and sustainable new economy through a focus on recovery, investment and growth in the most vital sectors? As countries look at ways to recover after the COVID-19 crisis, there will need to restart and refocus growth and rethink markets as complex systems resulting from socio-economic institutions, legal structures, technologies and human behaviour. Key themes to be addressed in “building back better” include the opportunities for leapfrogging traditional paths to development, new ways to deliver previously underdelivered public goods, investment in wholly new “frontier” products and services, safeguarding competition, and the recovery or transition of shrinking or redundant sectors of the economy. The Global Future Council on the New Agenda for Economic Growth and Recovery will consolidate the latest thinking and influence change and action through the Forum’s Platform for Shaping the New Economy and Society and shape key inputs to the Great Reset initiative.

Forum Council Manager:
- Attilio Di Battista, Project Lead, Centre for the New Economy and Society, Country Accelerators Practice, World Economic Forum

Mobilizing thought leadership for impact

The Global Future Councils serve as a brain trust for leaders from government, business and civil society, and support the Forum’s mission by bringing together experts bound by a shared mission to discuss the most critical issues, generate insights and analysis, and collaborate in shaping agendas.


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